New iPhone 6S Photos Confirm Apple’s Design Decision

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Apple’s Q3 financial results may have missed analyst estimates, but they did confirm iPhones remain unbelievably popular: 47.5M were sold in just three months between April and June. Then again such popularity brings with it a problem: Apple’s iPhone supply chain is now so massive it is impossible to avoid leaks happening…

Consequently following surprising size and exciting feature leaks, we now have shots courtesy of which show the iPhone 6S front panel coming off the production line.

With Apple expected to maintain its annual September release schedule this timing makes sense as the company aims to build up stock, but it also confirms something less exciting: the iPhone 6S looks set to keep up the tradition of the S range and make virtually no external alterations to its predecessor.


This includes the display size (4.7-inches), native resolution (1334 x 750 pixels) and Touch ID-equipped home button, though a

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