Developer Chase Fromm Shows Apple Watch Companion app Refresh Process

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Chase Fromm showed off a number of cool stuff lately, and it’s no surprise that this is another one of his great feats: refresehing the Apple Watch Companion app.

And how does that all work out?

Well, you simply hop on over to the Apple Watch Companion app, select the tab bar (on the bottom side of the screen), and simultaneously tap 10 times on any one of the tabs (My Watch, Explore, etc.) to refresh it.

See this YouTube video that that demos the process.
Have you watched it? What’re your thoughts? Tell us and we’ll take our time to read it!

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How to Hide a Control Center Toggle in iOS 8 (no jailbreak necessary)

The 📱Tech Bloom

Developer Chase Fromm (@devoptin) has tweeted a screenshot of his iPhone with Control Center that has no toggle, in which he hid the Portrait Orientation Lock toggle in place of the iPhone’s physical Mute switch button. He also showed off some instructions that present how to do this, but they’re very vague…
Fortunately, we have a member who has knowledge of editing .plist files and iTunes backups, which are both necessary to get this Control Center toggle removed and instead use the Mute switch.
Here it is:

1. Open iTunes,

2. Backup your iPhone,

3. Download iBackupBot (,

4. Open iBackupBot,

5. Locate „/System Files/HomeDomain/Library/Preferences/“ and open and put this in



6. Save it,

7. Close out of iBackupBot,

8. Restore from the backup in iTunes (remember the date and time before you restore from your edited backup),

9. Let it fully restore from your backup…

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Another New iOS 8.4 Jailbreak In the Works?

The 📱Tech Bloom

Recently, Stefan Esser (@i0n1c) posted several tweets (and even a YouTube video) showing off his jailbroken iPhone 6. But is there also another new jailbreak be in the works? Developer Chase Fromm (@devoptin) has posted multiple screenshots of various things from what seems to be his jailbroken iPhone, such as internal SpringBoard settings, etc.

However, there is no Cydia on it, hemce that this is a similar to a failbreak (a failbreak is tethered and requires an Apple Developer account). But this is untethered (untethered as in you don’t need ti plug your iPhone into a computer and use a utility to reboot or turn it on again).
What’re your thoughts on this very special post?

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38mm Apple Watch battery performance: A full day log

Superphen's Tech Blog

Followed by my previous post on 3 days experience with the Apple Watch, I want to do it again with detailed log on the interaction I had with the watch throughout a normal working day. I have the following settings that may differ from yours:

  • Normal brightness level
  • Muted
  • Activate on Wrist Rise turned on

In the 15-hour test, the battery life of my overnight-charged Apple Watch depleted for 81%, which is approximately 1% per 11 minutes. The battery life chart record and activity summary are as below for your reference. If you are interested in the full detailed usage log, here it is.

apple watch battery

  • 25 Time checks
  • 11 Incoming messages
  • 1 Incoming phone call
  • 8 „Time to stand!“
  • 8 Complete stand / Activity progress notifications
  • 4 Glances and app usage
  • 27 minutes disconnected with iPhone

There are plenty of usage patterns that you may have, and there are…

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Install the iOS 8.4 Beta

The 📱Tech Bloom

Today, alongside its new iOS 8.4 beta 2 update, Apple released a public iOS 8.4 beta that’s open to the public ahead of the iOS 8.4 release. While the free public beta might be tempting, there are some reasons why you should avoid Apple’s latest public iOS beta update.

In the weeks leading up to the iOS 8.3 release, we heard that Apple was planning a public iOS 8.3 beta for users outside of the developer program. The program was rumored to be similar to the public OS X beta program that Apple debuted last year for Mac users. Those rumors proved to be fruitful as Apple released a public iOS 8.3 beta alongside its iOS 8.3 beta 3 for developers.

Earlier this month, Apple released its first iOS 8.4 beta. And while the company didn’t release a public beta alongside its release for developers, we expected Apple to produce a…

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Side-by-side comparison between plastic and metal-like Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cables

Superphen's Tech Blog

Earlier today, I posted on Reddit that I received the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable with metal housing. It does look much better in reality and more premium that the plastic one. Just for reference, I have got myself with the 2-meter-long cable instead of 1m, as I can think of when I try to wrap it around the high-rise watch stands, certainly longer could be better.

There was a question regarding the thickness of the connector comparing with the plastic one that comes with Apple Watch Sport. This is indeed a useful fact that everyone should get to know.

For those of you who might not have ordered 2 different tiers of Apple Watches, nor have not bought the one on sale in the Apple Online Store, here I am presenting to you the physical side-by-side comparison of both charging cables.

apple watch charging cables 2

Based on my rough measurement without professional utilities…

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Apple releases iOS 8.4 beta 2 to developers with revamped Music app

The 📱Tech Bloom

A couple of weeks following the first beta, Apple today released iOS 8.4 beta 2 to developers for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 8.4 beta 2 is available via Software Update for those running the first beta, and it should be available for download soon via the Apple Developer Website.Apple has also released the iOS 8.4 Public Beta 1, which corresponds to this second developer seed, and Xcode 6.4 beta 2.

As we first reported, iOS 8.4 brings a revamped Music app to iOS with a new design, a Mini-Player feature, improved search, and a larger focus on album artwork. At WWDC, Apple willannounce the new Music app and its integration with a new Beats-based streaming music service. We’ll update this post live as new features in the second beta are discovered.


– iTunes Radio search gains Trending Searches, similar to the App Store

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