TaiG warns users not to install the leaked update package again on Weibo


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There has been active discussion over the jailbreak community on the updates of TaiG jailbreak tool 2.1 or 2.1.1. And there has been download links and posts from trusted siteswith leaked tool.

TaiG has made it clear on their official Weibo to warn users to keep away from installing the packages:

  1. To all users, today there are leaks of TaiG update packages on the internet. Those are TaiG’s internal beta packages or fake ones but not the official/final. TaiG currently released V2.0.0 jaibreak tool. Please be patient, we will release the new version and notify you as soon as possible on Weibo. Apologies for letting you wait for long.
  2. Suggest everyone not downloading the leaked internal beta package. Because we will fix the missingapplicationicon bug in the official release. We are working with Saurik (creator of Cydia) to fix UI cache issue. After fixing that, we can release the…

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TaiG CEO thanked Saurik for working with them overnight

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While we are waiting, patiently or impatiently, for the official release of a stable version of TaiG Jailbreak Tool for iOS 8.3 with major bug fixes, a while ago, TaiG’s CEO, Xie Lei, publicly thanked Saurik (Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia) for his hard work overnight with the TaiG team in the previous days.

In Xie’s personal Weibo, he mentioned that:

Saurik didn’t sleep well yesterday. While today, he didn’t even go to sleep. He stayed up late with us overnight until 6 something in the morning at his side. On the other side, TaiG folks have been staying up for 3 days, all because of the users. The new version is basically done! Please stay tuned.

TaiG thanked Saurik

Additionally, he also shared a screenshot of iMessage conversation with Saurik talking about the new packages to be used for the update, despite that the link to the package was unveiled in one of…

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How to jailbreak iOS 8.3 with TaiG Jailbreak Tool 2.0

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So today is the fun day!!!

The highly anticipated iOS 8.3 jailbreak has been released just now as rumored for quite some time. This time, the jailbreak is done by the TaiG team and 3K Assistant!

TaiG iOS 8.3 jailbreakWithout further delay, Click here to go to the download page of the jailbreak tool. Only Windows version has been released at this moment. Here’s the official detailed tutorial.

The jailbreak tool looks the same as the previous one. Simply plug in your device and let the tool detect the environment and recognize your device. If failed, probably you need to open up iTunes and let it recognize your device for one time. Once succeed, you are ready to go!

Special note: For those who got stuck at 20% progress on a 64-bit PC, try to uninstall the latest iTunes and download an older version: from 3K Assistant’s net drive. Make sure you download…

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As long as substrate don’t work we can respring/reboot via MobileTerminal…!!! 👍👌😁


Make sure you have

from cydia. If not go and get it.

Red writing is the command you enter and the green is what you need to enter.
You need to be logged in as root before using these codes.
So open terminal and type :


(If you havent changed you mobile terminal password the default password is „alpine“)

(it is very important to change it ASAP, see bottom of page for guide)

Here are some basic terminal commands:

= resprings device

= reboot’s device

= updates cydia sources (same as pressing the refresh button in Cydia)

= checks to see if you have latest version of Cydia and installs if you don’t.

= installs any upgrades that are needed for your packages.

= checks for unused or broken files and uninstslls them. (will give you list and asks for confirmation before…

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Pangu Jailbreak Team will speak in another security conference in Australia

Pangu very busy;)

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After announcing attendance at Black Hat 2015 followed by MOSEC and iOS 8.3 jailbreak demonstration, the Pangu Team posted on their official Weibo that they are attending another security conference – Breakpoint 2015 – in Australia this October, along with a number of experts in telecommunication, internet and Android operating system security aspects.

Pangu jailbreak team Breakpoint 2015

Their presentation topic is quite similar to the one they did in MOSEC, captioned Design, Implementation and Bypass the Chain-of-Trust Model of iOS. As introduced on the conference site, they will analyze the design, implementation and evolution of the security mechanisms in iOS along the timeline from device boot, kernel initialization, to creation and execution of a userland process, review the key steps in previous jailbreak tools for breaking the chain-of-trust model of iOS, share the critical techniques exploited by Pangu 7 and Pangu 8, and analyze and forecast potential attack surfaces for future…

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Don’t order X-Doria Defense Edge for Apple Watch

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I want to share with you guys on my super bad experience in pre-ordering X-Doria Defence Edge for Apple Watch and communicating with them. Their customer service really pissed me off by cheating me from time to time and they eventually canceled my order and refunded to me at last minute, but having other customer’s order being fulfilled. I hope the disclosure of the details of email communications can act as an alert to you in ordering from them.


I pre-ordered on 10 April for the Gold Color option but changed my mind to silver after 2 days. I got confirmation from the customer service representative Kim Brown that she would take care of my pre-order.

On 27 April, I checked my order on their website and it said my order had been fulfilled but I did not receive any tracking numbers for the shipment. So I emailed Kim…

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Apple Music marketing features artists whose labels publicly oppose Apple’s terms & haven’t signed on

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Apple Music’s pre-launch marketing campaign has prominently featured big-name independent artists like FKA Twigs and Alabama Shakes, even as their record labels have publicly opposed the new service’s financial terms and indicated that they are not yet on board.


In a Wednesday press release, Beggars Group — which owns major indie labels 4ad, Matador, Rough Trade, XL Recordings, and The Young Turks — confirmed earlier reports that it has yet to reach an agreement with Apple to participate in the iPhone maker’s new streaming service. Beggars is primarily concerned with Apple’s desire to not pay royalties during the three-month free trial period, and is also worried about rights issues that could arise out of Apple Music’s Connect feature.

„At the moment we do not have an agreement with Apple Music that would allow us to participate in the new service,“ Beggars wrote. „However, we very much hope that the obstacles to…

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