iOS 8.4 release date: iOS 8.3 Jailbreak hopes doused by news

We will definitely get one…
When the ios 9 is out

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The Apple iPhone 6 Plus, running on iOS 8

To date, there is no sight of an iOS 8.3 jailbreak and with news that the iOS 8.4 will be out soon, there could be none coming at all.

There are a lot of Apple users who were hoping to see if an iOS 8.3 Jailbreak to surface but given the time element, any tool that could come out now or in the near future could very well be futile since the iOS 8.4 is expected to patch up and cover flaws that Apple devices running on the iOS 8.3 version currently have.

With that said, it may be better to fast-forward a bit to a possible iOS 8.4 jailbreak tool, something that most jailbreakers are now looking into. With that said, it may be safe to say that iOS 8.3 is a foregone conclusion as far as jailbreaking it so…

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The „P$¥ch0“ iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Was a Hoax

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@psych0devteam (now @psych0_int_team) is now a hoax. Chase Fromm admitted it, and has apologized about it.

He has been very secretive about this, obviously, that he had used this jailbreak as a scam.
He also had shown @KaneskeeSen a picture of an iOS kernel panic that had been faked as iOS „6.1.4“, build number, everything.

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Apple Watch Workshop became a wonderful sharing session

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On the Apple Watch launch day many of us went to the try-on session right away after our pre-orders. It was indeed an impressive experience there, not only that I could have a first-person hands-on on this new amazing product from Apple, but also spoke with and learnt from the Specialist that took care of me.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.37.13 pm

Apple Retail Store has rolled out a couple of Workshops for Apple Watch owners to learn and explore more on the functions and what they can do with their new gadget. I registered for a session – Stay in Touch with Apple Watch – which has been scheduled in the morning today, despite the fact that I have already finished reading the Apple Watch User Guide a few days ago. This was the first time that I register for a workshop there. Eventually, it turned out to be an interesting, quite fruitful information…

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Apple Adds 20 New Flyover Locations to Maps

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Apple Maps iOS 8Apple has added 20 new Flyover locations to Apple Maps, including cities and landmarks in the United States, Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa and Spain. Apple Maps now has a total of 141 destinations for Flyover, which provides photo-realistic, interactive 3D views of select areas that users can zoom, pan, tilt and rotate through.

The full list of new Flyover destinations:

Arches National Park, Utah
Badajoz, Spain
Bari, Italy
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Canberra, Australia
Chambord, France
Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Coimbra, Portugal
Culiacán, Mexico
Durban, South Africa
Huelva, Spain
Le Mans, France
Mont Saint-Michel, France
Montpellier, France
Nelson, New Zealand
Nimes, France
Paestum, Italy
Reims, France
Teotihuacán, Mexico

Apple has slowly been adding Flyover destinations to Maps since the feature was introduced nearly three years ago, including new cities in France, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands and nine other locations last…

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iOS 8.4 Release: What to Expect Now

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Earlier this week, Apple released another iOS 8.4 beta update, a sign that the iOS 8.4 release date for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is inching closer. With this fresh round of information in mind, we want to take an updated look at what we think iPhone, iPad and fifth-generation iPod touch users can expect now from the iOS 8.4 release.

A month ago, Apple released its iOS 8.3 update. The update serves as the company’s current version of iOS though it will be replaced in the future by a newer version of iOS 8 dubbed iOS 8.4.

Weeks ago, Apple confirmed its iOS 8.4 release with the start of the iOS 8.4 beta. The first iOS 8.4 beta confirmed a release and confirmed a ton of features but it did not outline a specific iOS 8.4 release date. This wasn’t too surprising given that Apple only announces specific iOS…

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