My first impression on iPod shuffle (2015) dark blue edition

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I know, I’m late to the party again. I finally decided to get an iPod shuffle after so many years with Apple products.

After upgrading to iOS 8.4 along with the jailbreak, it also brings me to use and start loving the Apple Music service. The on-demand music streaming and downloading service is super handy that really prompts me to erase all the music contents that I synced over from iTunes and free up 13GB of storage space for other purposes. But still, I need another device to store the music that I love listening to at all times without costing me too much.

I did own a couple of Android phones that are basically freed up for back up usages for traveling or so. However, it definitely costs me more time to do the transfer and maintenance work and more importantly, it is not convenient to carry another phone…

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Gallery: iPod shuffle (2015) Gold

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The Gold color option is just too irresistible that I must have swapped for, or to purchase this color at the first place. There was already a review post on the blog so let us go straight to a few pictures that showcase this amazing product refresh.

ipod shuffle 2015 gold 5ipod shuffle 2015 gold 4ipod shuffle 2015 gold 2ipod shuffle 2015 gold 2

How do you think about this new iPod shuffle? Do you like it and will you buy it? Let me know in the comments.

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Review: Power Support Silicone Jacket for iPhone 6

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This is the minimalistic iPhone 6 case that I have been looking for long. The Power Support Silicone Jacket is a soft, thin and light-weight case that offers certain level of protection around the edges and surface of your iPhone 6, but nice grip in your hands as well.

power support silicone jacket 01power support silicone jacket 02

The case comes with a nice packaging that includes the Silicone Jacket itself, a piece of plastic screen protector film, and a micro-fibre cloth.

power support silicone jacket 03

The ports and buttons areas are either well covered or exposed with precise cut-out but still the thickness of the case protects them from scratches by accident, especially the protruding camera.

power support silicone jacket 05power support silicone jacket 06power support silicone jacket 07power support silicone jacket 09power support silicone jacket 08

This is one of the best minimalist iPhone 6 out in the market with high quality material comparing with the low-cost, counterfeit ones. If you are looking for this, you can get this case from Power Support official site for $34.95.

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New iPhone 6S Photos Confirm Apple’s Design Decision

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Apple’s Q3 financial results may have missed analyst estimates, but they did confirm iPhones remain unbelievably popular: 47.5M were sold in just three months between April and June. Then again such popularity brings with it a problem: Apple’s iPhone supply chain is now so massive it is impossible to avoid leaks happening…

Consequently following surprising size and exciting feature leaks, we now have shots courtesy of which show the iPhone 6S front panel coming off the production line.

With Apple expected to maintain its annual September release schedule this timing makes sense as the company aims to build up stock, but it also confirms something less exciting: the iPhone 6S looks set to keep up the tradition of the S range and make virtually no external alterations to its predecessor.


This includes the display size (4.7-inches), native resolution (1334 x 750 pixels) and Touch ID-equipped home button, though a

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Internal settings in iOS 9 to bring Spotlight Search and Proactivity enhancements

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Developer Chase Fromm (@ChaseDid911 on Twitter) recently found another internal setting that could allow iOS 9 users to bring back iOS 6’s Spotlight Search feature back where you slide all the way to the left of the home screen to bring up the Spotlight Search feature that is currently not available as of iOS 9 beta.

Currently these types of features could be enabled with a jailbreak once K33N or TaiG or PanGu releases a jailbreak tool for said iOS 9 firmware. As of right now however no one has gotten these hidden settings to work strictly on iOS 9. But if you were on iOS 7 or iOS 8 and you were jailbroken you could install a tweak named „Prototype Tools Flipswitch“ and Activator to bring these hidden settings to your jailbroken iOS device.

Sound off in the comments below what you think about this discovery and follow @AllTimeHackTeam…

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Chase Fromm (@ChaseDid911) shows that CarPlay could have a new Telegram feature

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Chase Fromm is at it again and has tweeted that CarPlay could have a new Telegram feature that was recently pulled off in the new iOS 9 beta 4.

If Apple does show this in the new iOS 9 public release this fall, then we could see a new reinvisioned CarPlay setup that would mean reading Newsstand apps in the car straight from CarPlay.

Keep your eyes posted on some more of legendary developer Chase Fromm’s spectacular work, and keep on following @AllTimeHackTeam and @Appl3news2015 for updates.

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Developer Chase Fromm (@ChaseDid911) has discovered iOS 9 internal settings can change the App Switcher style 

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Well known developer makes so many discoveries that can in fact lead people into thinking that he’s very sophisticated and complicated and obviously very advanced for an individual with Asperger’s syndrome, all very much like legendary developer Hamza Sood (@hamzasood). Indeed both are too confusing but independent and talented developers with unusual characteristics that justify the iOS community in a very positive but negative way.

As you can tell he has the old iOS 7 and iOS 8 layout that won’t be available in iOS 9 until you jailbreak and get the Cydia tweaks „Prototype Tools Flipswitch“ and Activator to gain access to the hidden SpringBoard settings.

Just leave it for now, Chase.

What’s your story? Sound off in the comments below and follow @AllTimeHackTeam and @Appl3news2015

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