Colorize your iOS keyboard with Photokeys

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For those who have been in the jailbreak community for years, you should remember an extremely popular tweak called ColorKeyboard that created the theming opportunity on iOS keyboards and being a very good companion with WinterBoard icon and UI themes. With the arrival of iOS 8 that Apple opened up third-party keyboards for developers, getting a customizable keyboard no longer mandatory to get it done a jailbroken device.

photokeys ios 4

Photokeys – Color Keyboard from Photos is a newly released iOS app that allows users to take and use a picture and derive a custom keyboard color theme with freedom to adjust colors of various parts of the keyboard theme to make it unique to users. It uses perfectly matched photo colors to adjust buttons, background and text. All you need to do is take a picture or import it from the library, adjust colors as you like, and your keyboard is…

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Amazing developer Chase Fromm has the SpringBoard settings on iOS 9 beta!

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The top-notch developer Chase Fromm has the SpringBoard settings working on iOS 9 beta. Yes, claims he have access to the SpringBoard settings (or prototype tools) on iOS 9.

He tweeted a screenshot of the SpringBoard settings running on three devices, iPad Air, iPhone 5S and iPhone 4S:

iPad Air:

iPhone 5S:

iPhone 4S:

It still requires an internal build. As we explained in the previous write up however, it’s still possible to gain access to the SpringBoard settings with AdvancedSettings8 or Prototype Tools Flipswitch and Activator if you’re already jailbroken on iOS 8.4.

If you’re jailbroken and want access to the SpringBoard settings, then install what we’ve highlighted out there with Cydia.

He’s holding how he got this unjailbroken however until he gives an explains toon on how he can access this on iOS 9 beta.

What’d you think?

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WatchDog Backgrounder (for iOS 8)

A real backgrounder stepped up it’s game into the iOS 8 jailbroken idevive community!!! „WatchDog Lite“ is the name of the tweak and Is the free trial version of „WatchDog“ . The full version „WatchDog“ is almost ready and will have some more functions like more then 2 apps running in background simultaneously.., I’m already tested the beta and now since the official trial version was launched to the BigBoss repo today, I’m using the lite version till the full us ready for the public. It’s not yet clear how much the full version will cost but I will let ya know. The functions are really cool !! •prevent suspension (allow applications with native backgrounding to background infinitely) •keep in foreground (allow applications that do not natively support backgrounding to operate in the background. Applications behave as if they were open and in use by the user) – (full version) •run more then two applications simultaneously in background  •activator support •auto launch (will launch the application immediately upon reboot, respring or termination) •prevent termination (means that an application will continue to run even after it is removed from the appswitcher) – Activations  •by tapping on the app icon in the appswitcher  •In settings  •Activator (full version) Screenshots:           

The all might @saurik is back with something really great people!!! „Cydia Impactor“ bring us the ability to completely unjailbreak our devices. After the process is done you will have a fresh restored idevice without to update your device to the newest version!!!

iPhone 4S downgrade to iOS 6.1.3

image imageFor all that got an iPhone 4S and its upgraded to iOS 7 or even 8 and want to downgrade it because its getting really slow on iOS 7 or 8, follow these video tutorials and you eill successful downgrade your iPhone 4S and make it usable again!! 😉
iPhone 4S Downgrade

For Mac by @tihmstar
For Windows by @CPVideoMaker

TaiG warns users not to install the leaked update package again on Weibo


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There has been active discussion over the jailbreak community on the updates of TaiG jailbreak tool 2.1 or 2.1.1. And there has been download links and posts from trusted siteswith leaked tool.

TaiG has made it clear on their official Weibo to warn users to keep away from installing the packages:

  1. To all users, today there are leaks of TaiG update packages on the internet. Those are TaiG’s internal beta packages or fake ones but not the official/final. TaiG currently released V2.0.0 jaibreak tool. Please be patient, we will release the new version and notify you as soon as possible on Weibo. Apologies for letting you wait for long.
  2. Suggest everyone not downloading the leaked internal beta package. Because we will fix the missingapplicationicon bug in the official release. We are working with Saurik (creator of Cydia) to fix UI cache issue. After fixing that, we can release the…

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