Colorize your iOS keyboard with Photokeys

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For those who have been in the jailbreak community for years, you should remember an extremely popular tweak called ColorKeyboard that created the theming opportunity on iOS keyboards and being a very good companion with WinterBoard icon and UI themes. With the arrival of iOS 8 that Apple opened up third-party keyboards for developers, getting a customizable keyboard no longer mandatory to get it done a jailbroken device.

photokeys ios 4

Photokeys – Color Keyboard from Photos is a newly released iOS app that allows users to take and use a picture and derive a custom keyboard color theme with freedom to adjust colors of various parts of the keyboard theme to make it unique to users. It uses perfectly matched photo colors to adjust buttons, background and text. All you need to do is take a picture or import it from the library, adjust colors as you like, and your keyboard is…

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