Amazing developer Chase Fromm has the SpringBoard settings on iOS 9 beta!

The 📱Tech Bloom

The top-notch developer Chase Fromm has the SpringBoard settings working on iOS 9 beta. Yes, claims he have access to the SpringBoard settings (or prototype tools) on iOS 9.

He tweeted a screenshot of the SpringBoard settings running on three devices, iPad Air, iPhone 5S and iPhone 4S:

iPad Air:

iPhone 5S:

iPhone 4S:

It still requires an internal build. As we explained in the previous write up however, it’s still possible to gain access to the SpringBoard settings with AdvancedSettings8 or Prototype Tools Flipswitch and Activator if you’re already jailbroken on iOS 8.4.

If you’re jailbroken and want access to the SpringBoard settings, then install what we’ve highlighted out there with Cydia.

He’s holding how he got this unjailbroken however until he gives an explains toon on how he can access this on iOS 9 beta.

What’d you think?

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