Don’t order X-Doria Defense Edge for Apple Watch

Superphen's Tech Blog

I want to share with you guys on my super bad experience in pre-ordering X-Doria Defence Edge for Apple Watch and communicating with them. Their customer service really pissed me off by cheating me from time to time and they eventually canceled my order and refunded to me at last minute, but having other customer’s order being fulfilled. I hope the disclosure of the details of email communications can act as an alert to you in ordering from them.


I pre-ordered on 10 April for the Gold Color option but changed my mind to silver after 2 days. I got confirmation from the customer service representative Kim Brown that she would take care of my pre-order.

On 27 April, I checked my order on their website and it said my order had been fulfilled but I did not receive any tracking numbers for the shipment. So I emailed Kim…

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