The XARA Exploits

XARA exploits on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and what you need to know!
‚XARA‘ is an acronym for ‚unauthorized cross-app resource access‘ and lumps together several exploits against OS X and iOS.
The XARA exploits, recently disclosed to the public in a paper titled Unauthorized cross-app resource access on Mac OS X and iOS, target the OS X Keychain and Bundle IDs, HTML 5 WebSockets, and iOS URL schemes. While they absolutely need to be fixed, like most security exploits, they have also been needlessly conflated and overly sensationalized by some in the media. So, what’s really going on?
What is XARA?
Simply put, XARA is the name being used to lump together a group of exploits that use a malicious app to gain access to the secure information transited by, or stored in, a legitimate app. They do this by placing themselves in the middle of a communications chain or sandbox.
What does XARA target exactly?
On OS X, XARA targets the Keychain database where credentials are stored and exchanged; WebSockets, a communication channel between apps and associated services; and Bundle IDs, which uniquely identify sandboxed apps, and can be used to target data containers.
On iOS, XARA targets URL schemes, which are used to move people and data between apps.
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