Keep away from buying third-party knockoff Leather Loops

Superphen's Tech Blog

I would like to follow-up on the Reddit thread which I commented about getting a third-party or knockoff Leather Loop band for my Apple Watch, that has the 38mm compatible version that Apple does not officially offer. The price is about $50 which is way cheaper than what’s in the Apple Store. After more than a month wait, the Chinese suppliers finally shipped the bands and here are the reasons that I cancelled by order in the end.

The first and major reason is that the seller has terrible customer service and kept delaying my shipment with numerous reasons. They keep cheating me about the reason of shipping delays, including quality issue of the batch of bands from the factory, failure to catch courier pickup schedules, forgot about my order, etc, just all sorts of reasons you can or even can’t think of. It took me 2 weeks to deal…

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