Pangu Team to present in Black Hat USA 2015

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Followed by MOSEC iOS 8.3 jailbreak demo and dismissal of actual release date, the Pangu Team has announced in their official Weibo that they will be attending the Black Hat USA 2015, one of the top hacker conferences globally, and sharing about a topic captioned Review and exploit neglected attack surfaces in iOS 8.

pangu black hat

Specifically, the presentation summary in detail:

The security design of iOS significantly reduces the attack surfaces for iOS. Since iOS has gained increasing attention due to its rising popularity, most major attack surfaces in iOS such as mobile safari and IOKit kernel extensions have been well studied and tested. This talk will first review some previously known attacks against these surfaces, and then focus on analyzing and pointing out those neglected attack surfaces. Furthermore, this talk will explore how to apply fuzzing testing and whitebox code auditing to the neglected attack surfaces and share interesting…

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