iOS 8.3 jailbreak said to be demoed at MOSEC; PP and 3K’s takes on future of jailbreaking

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On 5th June, the Pangu Team has successfully co-hosted the Mobile Security Conference (a.k.a. MOSEC) in Shanghai with POC from Korea. One of the biggest and most concerned topic is iOS jailbreaking. The Pangu Team gave a presentation from the technical perspective such as the Bootrom exploit and signature bypass, etc.


But one of the biggest highlights, which was reported by one of the members behind the Pangu Team, a.k.a Daniel_K4, in his personal Weibo account – besides thanking all the speakers and guests – that iOS 8.3 jailbreak demo was being showcased at the end of the MOSEC. Yet, we have little information and further proof on this but the source is very trustworthy here. This news has also been reported by iDigitalTimes earlier today with a Google Translated version of the screenshot below. But here the original, unedited, Simplified Chinese version is being shown for reference.

iOS 8.3 jailbreak demoAdditionally, notably speaking…

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