How to Respring iOS 8 from the App Switch (no jailbreak necessary)

That’s de pretty cool bro …!!!

The 📱Tech Bloom

Developer Chase Fromm (@devoptin) has found yet another cool trick to use, and this time, it’s realuseful (andcool): a way to respringfrom iOS 8’s app switcherwithouta jailbreak.
Here’s how you do it:

1. Open iTunes,

2. Backup your iPhone,

3. Download iBackupBot (,

4. Open iBackupBot,

5. Locate „/System Files/HomeDomain/Library/Preferences/“ and open and put this in



6. Save it,

7. Close out of iBackupBot,

8. Restore from the backup in iTunes (remember the date and time before you restore from your edited backup),

9. Let it fully restore from your backup, and allow it to reboot back to the lock screen.

10: After the reboot, slide to unlock your phone, and double-tap the home button, and slide up on the hone screen card. Once you see that it slides up all the way and the Apple logo appears, that shows…

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