Side-by-side comparison between plastic and metal-like Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cables

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Earlier today, I posted on Reddit that I received the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable with metal housing. It does look much better in reality and more premium that the plastic one. Just for reference, I have got myself with the 2-meter-long cable instead of 1m, as I can think of when I try to wrap it around the high-rise watch stands, certainly longer could be better.

There was a question regarding the thickness of the connector comparing with the plastic one that comes with Apple Watch Sport. This is indeed a useful fact that everyone should get to know.

For those of you who might not have ordered 2 different tiers of Apple Watches, nor have not bought the one on sale in the Apple Online Store, here I am presenting to you the physical side-by-side comparison of both charging cables.

apple watch charging cables 2

Based on my rough measurement without professional utilities…

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