How to Hide a Control Center Toggle in iOS 8 (no jailbreak necessary)

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Developer Chase Fromm (@devoptin) has tweeted a screenshot of his iPhone with Control Center that has no toggle, in which he hid the Portrait Orientation Lock toggle in place of the iPhone’s physical Mute switch button. He also showed off some instructions that present how to do this, but they’re very vague…
Fortunately, we have a member who has knowledge of editing .plist files and iTunes backups, which are both necessary to get this Control Center toggle removed and instead use the Mute switch.
Here it is:

1. Open iTunes,

2. Backup your iPhone,

3. Download iBackupBot (,

4. Open iBackupBot,

5. Locate „/System Files/HomeDomain/Library/Preferences/“ and open and put this in



6. Save it,

7. Close out of iBackupBot,

8. Restore from the backup in iTunes (remember the date and time before you restore from your edited backup),

9. Let it fully restore from your backup…

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