38mm Apple Watch battery performance: A full day log

Superphen's Tech Blog

Followed by my previous post on 3 days experience with the Apple Watch, I want to do it again with detailed log on the interaction I had with the watch throughout a normal working day. I have the following settings that may differ from yours:

  • Normal brightness level
  • Muted
  • Activate on Wrist Rise turned on

In the 15-hour test, the battery life of my overnight-charged Apple Watch depleted for 81%, which is approximately 1% per 11 minutes. The battery life chart record and activity summary are as below for your reference. If you are interested in the full detailed usage log, here it is.

apple watch battery

  • 25 Time checks
  • 11 Incoming messages
  • 1 Incoming phone call
  • 8 „Time to stand!“
  • 8 Complete stand / Activity progress notifications
  • 4 Glances and app usage
  • 27 minutes disconnected with iPhone

There are plenty of usage patterns that you may have, and there are…

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