You can glance through your Cheatsheet right on your wrist

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Cheatsheet is a very handy app with widget, extensions and hint icons to help you remember little things. It is already very nice to have the Today widget implemented that you can do this without unlocking the phone. But wouldn’t it be better if you can manage and read the cheats right on your wrist? Well Cheatsheet version 2.0.2 brings this function to Apple Watch users. You can:

  • Add, edit and delete cheats
  • Glance automatically scrolls through your top 10 cheats

There are also a few bug fixes along with the Apple Watch app update:

  • Simplified the benefits of Cheatsheet Pro. All the Cheatsheet 1.0 feature and icons and many of the new ones are still free. Pro gets you 15 new icons and unlocks the full keyboard and action extensions
  • Added a confirmation before switching apps when you tap a link in a cheat
  • Increased the tap size of…

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