Alleged iOS 8.2/8.3 jailbreak shown in video 

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It has been found on a Chinese video website that shows possible iOS 8.2 or 8.3 jailbreak.

Here is the direct video link:

In the video, it shows a tool called „Bagua jailbreak“ (Eight Diagrams is an ancent symbol of Chinese) and a black-out Cydia icon. Per the description below the video:

After jailbroken with the tool, you cannot reboot, or the Cydia icon will black out and crash at launch. All the tweaks will not function and you have to connect it to a computer and fix it. Now you can fix with the mobile client. Bagua jailbreak is completed.

The sentences do not really make a good sense and coherence, right?

Additionally, there are several loopholes that makes the video not look trustworthy. First, the OP did not open up the Settings App and show us the iOS version. Second, the Apple Watch App was not…

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