New leak reveals Windows 10 as you’ve never seen it before

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Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that small tablets would be outfitted with a different Windows 10 interface than the one on larger devices, something more along the lines of the Windows Phone UI. Up until now, we’ve only been able to speculate as to what it would look like, but a recent leak may have outed the unseen version of the upcoming operating system.

WinBeta shared a few images of the small tablet OS on Tuesday, along with some first impressions after getting hands-on time with the software. Although the interface looks a little odd at the moment, we have to keep in mind that the final product could look significantly different from this early prototype.


“The new Windows 10 apps are designed to scale at almost all screen sizes,” saysWinBeta’s Zac Bowden. “When running on Windows 10 tablets, this is no different. Apps like Calculator and Voice Recorder take advantage…

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