Jailbreaking Is Not A Crime

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jailbreak is not a crime

Jailbreaking Is Not A Crime

Millions of people jailbreak the phones and tablets they own, in order to run the software they want on their own terms. Whether it’s to cut out annoying bloatware, install the latest security fixes, change the home screen, or just to use it in a way the manufacturer hasn’t considered, jailbreaking is an important part of how we interact with our devices. But the Copyright Office and Librarian of Congress could cast its future into jeopardy in just a few short months.

Companies that want to lock down our devices argue that, because the firmware running on your phone or tablet is copyrighted, jailbreaking your device to run a modified version runs afoul of laws meant to prop up DRM. But there’s a safety valve: the Librarian of Congress can make exemptions to those laws through a complicated rulemaking process. So every three years, groups…

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