5 Things to Know About iOS 8.4 and Apple’s Spotify Killer

The 📱Tech Bloom

At one point ITUNES was the biggest name in music, but NOW Spotify is the new cool place to listen to music, matching Apple in SELECTION of almost every hit album and single. With the iOS 8.4 release later this year we could see the first real strike back from Apple as the company slowly responds to the streaming dominance of Spotify.

Two years ago Apple tried to edge in with iTunes Radio, but it is not a true Spotify replacement. After that learning lesson Apple purchased Beats and we are learning more about the plans to deliver a new streaming music service inside an upcoming iOS 8 update, likely before the iOS 9 release.

ITUNES Radio already offers one big advantage over Spotify and any other music streaming SERVICE. Users can use Siri to start listening to a station, but there is no way to use Siri to control…

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