iOS Kernel Exploitation Trainings, 0-days and Students reselling them

Very bad to destroy someone hard work!!!


Some people who have no background in iOS exploitation cannot understand why I used 0-day vulnerabilities in my classes instead of old bugs and why I am angry that ONE student of hundred was reselling them.

Most of the people questioning the legitimacy of my anger have never prepared a training course themselves. They do not understand that collecting material and writing it all together. Thinking up an agenda. Writing demo code, finding some demo vulnerabilities. And and and… takes multiple months of work. At the end of this work you do one training and what you get for that seems much on the first view but they do not take into account the costs for the hotel, the costs for travelling, the costs of printing material, the cost for food and many other costs. So that at the end of the day the payment per preparation+training day is very small…

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